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BOOST is the first and ONLY coating of its kind, a DUAL CERAMIC, polysilazane based ceramic spray coating enhanced with graphene. We've incorporated CoreShell nanoparticle technology to create a truly unique coating. NOT a watered down detail spray with a little SiO2 added in, but a true ceramic coating, just in an easy spray.

Why Polysilazanes? 

Polysilazanes have long been considered superior to the typical PDMS (silicone fluid) based ceramic coatings, due to their high adhesion to substrates, as well as outstanding chemical resistance. That means your paint, plastics, glass, wheels and metals will be protected for a long time.

What is CoreShell? 

CoreShell particles are the cutting edge in nanoparticle technology. As the name implies, these particles have an inner core and an outer shell, instead of a solid, single element particle. Our particles are engineered with a silica core and a PTFE shell. This allows for an increase in thermal stability, gloss, slickness and chemical resistance to the coating. 

So, if you want a great coating at a great price, that's easy to want BOOST

DUAL CERAMIC, polysilazane based spray.

Enhanced with Graphene & PTFE-treated nanoparticle technology. 

Extremely easy application.

Amazing shine and protection.

Specifically formulated to be used as maintenance for our BLACK RHINOGRAPH-X and OPTIX coatings, but also works great as a stand-alone ceramic spray.

Applying the coating couldn't be much easier: SHAKE BOTTLE. Starting with a clean surface and using the included applicator pad, simply apply to the panel in straight back and forth lines...not in a cross-hatch pattern, let the coating bond as long as possible without allowing it to dry on the panel. If you see the coating "sweat", it's time to remove. Wipe off the excess with a clean microfiber towel. Now just stand back and enjoy the shine!

If you wish to apply an additional layer of the coating, wait an hour between coats.

If you're new to ceramic coatings, please read our PRODUCT DISCLAIMER in the menu section. 

Protection lasts 10-12 months.

8 oz. Bottle....enough for 8+ coats.

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